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Dilution Solution

Jul 10, 2018

The solution to pollution is not, in fact, dilution:  The California Farm Water Coalition writes, “Delta’s water quality problems is at best wasteful of this precious resource, and at worst destructive to the lives of millions of Californians.  Unlike the State Water Board, California’s environmental and water experts are following the science and looking at the bigger picture question: How do we maintain the health of today’s Delta which has obviously changed since the days of the Gold Rush.  Yes, the Delta has been fundamentally altered over the years with the introduction of new species, inevitable population growth and more. But experts note that the Delta as it exists today, may in fact be an ecosystem in balance. Introduced species like bass have adopted specific roles in the ecosystem, while other species have adapted and filled other ecosystem niches as changes to water quality, food webs, and habitat have evolved. … ”  Read more from the California Farm Water Coalition here:  The solution to pollution is not, in fact, dilution