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El Nino Hopes

Oct 11, 2018

Why you shouldn’t get your hopes up about an El Niño this winter:  “An El Niño is forecast for the winter ahead, and we all know what that means. Or do we?  El Niño – that cyclical warming of the equatorial Pacific Ocean – has long been associated with wet winters across much of the West. Which is always welcome news across the chronically water-short region. But in reality, whether El Niño actually delivers greater-than-normal precipitation is strictly a toss-up, says Jan Null, owner of Golden Gate Weather Services, a consultancy based in Saratoga, California. … ”  Read more from Water Deeply here:  Why you shouldn’t get your hopes up about an El Niño this winter

El Niño conditions growing increasingly likely this winter  The likelihood this winter of an El Niño — the weather pattern marked by warm Pacific Ocean waters that can affect California’s rainfall — is increasing. Paul Rogers in the San Jose Mercury

Less Snow Could Be Coming To California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains: “If temperatures increase in California because of climate change, snow could melt earlier in the Sierra Nevada — and you might only find it at higher elevations.  In a studyreleased this week a UC Irvine team found that if winter temperatures increase by 1 degree Celsius, it will lead to a 20 percent jump in the likelihood of below-average snow accumulation in the high country. … ”  Read more from Capital Public Radio here:  Less Snow Could Be Coming To California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains