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Valley Victory

Nov 06, 2018

Valley scores a victory in the California Water Wars: Devin Nunes writes, “Younger generations in the San Joaquin Valley may have no memory of the Valley before our farmland became checkered with dusty, dried up fields. Traveling around the Valley now, it may be hard for them to imagine what the Valley landscape looked like without so many huge plots of parched, unproductive land.  The stunning transformation of so much lush Valley land into desert is not the result of natural calamity, or global warming, or bad luck. It stemmed from a series of specific government laws and regulations that took enormous water flows from farms and communities and diverted them for other purposes. The bad news is that yes, there are environmental extremists and government bureaucrats who would willingly depopulate the country’s most productive farmland. The good news is that just as government actions created this problem, government actions can fix them. ... ”  Continue reading at Water Wrights here:  Valley scores a victory in the California Water Wars