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Calls for Resignation

Nov 30, 2018

State legislator calls for resignation of bullet train chairman

Ralph Vartebedian

A key Democratic legislator called Thursday for the immediate resignation of the chairman of the California bullet train project, the most powerful reaction yet to a scathing audit of the $77-billion high-speed rail program that is far behind schedule and over budget.

Assembly Transportation Chairman Jim Frazier said California High Speed Rail Authority Chairman Dan Richard should step down after a hearing on the audit, which asserts the state wasted billions of dollars because of poor management.



Rail Fail? Richards Answers Patterson’s HSR Questions

Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno) had his chance on Thursday (Nov. 29) to confront high-speed rail leadership over a state audit, which blames high costs and delays on mismanagement of the project.

HSR board vice chair Tom Richards, also from Fresno, defended the decision to begin building tracks in the Central Valley without approvals for the entire system in hand. He agreed with state auditors that the project is overly-reliant on contractors and hasn’t kept thorough records.