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Weaponized Aid

Jan 10, 2019

Trump ‘weaponized’ disaster aid against political opponents:  “President Trump’s threat to yank disaster funds from California has escalated a long-standing fight over forest management, and experts are divided over whether he has the power to do it.  The extraordinary suggestion to halt assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to an area devastated two months ago by wildfire stands to politicize humanitarian assistance under a president who rejects climate science. Trump previously threatened to interrupt emergency aid to Puerto Rico, which was reeling from Hurricane Maria, when he falsely said in a 2017 tweet that officials were using disaster funds to “pay off other obligations.”  Yesterday, the president sharpened his warning that he could withhold catastrophe funding based on political disagreements. ... ”  Read more from E&E News here:  Trump ‘weaponized’ disaster aid against political opponents