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Almonds of the Future

Jan 20, 2019

Almond farm of the future envisioned as doing with less:  “The almond orchard of the future will use less water and pesticide, and generate less waste and harvest-time dust, if goals announced Thursday morning by the Almond Board of California are met.  The goals are voluntary, but according to Almond Board Chair Holly King, “As a grower, each goal solves a problem or challenge, and creates an economic benefit.”  “We try to be a good steward of the land by doing more with less — less inputs, less applications, less trips into the field, obviously less water,” said Brian Wahlbrink, a Stanislaus County farmer and chair of the Almond Board’s Harvest Workgroup. ... ” Read more from the Capital Press here:  Almond farm of the future envisioned as doing with less