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Recent California Water News


Sacramento Subsidence

Feb 10, 2019

Esoteric subsidence report is better than most realize, points out the Chico Enterprise-Record:  They write, “The Department of Water Resources reported last week that the surface level of most of the Sacramento Valley wasn’t ping, which is incredibly good news.  But it’s the kind of news that most people can not appreciate. We might know it relates to water, but when we turn on our taps water comes out. What’s the big deal?  That’s a reflection of the fact most people — at least in cities and towns in the Sacramento Valley — have no idea where their water comes from. Farmers have a better understanding, but someone in the middle of Chico doesn’t have to worry about such things, and doesn’t care. ... ”  Read more from the Chico Enterprise-Record here:  Esoteric subsidence report is better than most realize