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Recent California Water News


Deadly Wildfire Policy

Aug 12, 2019

Burn. Build. Repeat: Why our wildfire policy is so deadly:  “Standing on Shingletown Ridge and gazing west toward the setting sun, Bruce Miller eyes a rainbow of colors. He sees pink: the dusky sky blanketing a postcard-perfect valley 3,000 feet below. He sees gray: distant snow-capped mountains. He sees brown: century-old pine and oak trunks towering more than 100 feet above him. And he sees green: the profit he hopes to make by turning this 274-acre patch of forest into a subdivision for buyers looking for jaw-ping views.  “This would be your high-dollar lot here,” the hearty 68-year-old tells me, halting our hike through a tangle of manzanita and poison oak to unfurl a map and point out the boundaries of a future home site. A sheer at the property’s rear reveals a stunning panorama. It also invites flames. “Fire,” Miller says, “burns uphill.” ... ”  Read more from Grist here: Burn. Build. Repeat: Why our wildfire policy is so deadly

Feds Extend Review For Controversial Forest Plan:  “The U.S. Forest Service has extended public comment period on a controversial plan to relax environmental permitting for new logging and forest management projects across millions of acres of federal forest lands.  The proposal would upend long-held environmental practices that have been in place since 1970, and make it easier for timber harvesting and bulldozing forest roads in all 20 of California’s federal forests, including national forests in Mendocino, Tahoe, Los Padres, and Lassen. … ”  Read more from KQED here: Feds Extend Review For Controversial Forest Plan