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Recent California Water News



Nov 06, 2019

SGMA : List of San Joaquin Valley GSAs and GSPs:  “SGMA uses Department of Water Resources Bulletin 118 to define basins and sub basins and assign them numbers. The San Joaquin Valley Basin is number 5-22. Within it are sub basins with their numbers following a decimal. Each sub basin one Groundwater Sustainability Agency or several, but DWR will only recognize one representative GSA per sub basin. Each GSA must develop a Groundwater Sustainability Plan on its own or as a contribution to an overarching GSP as again, DWR will only deal with one GSP per sub basin. … ”  Continue reading at Cal Ag Today here: SGMA : List of SGMA GSAs and GSPs

Bakersfield: Farmers urged to think big and small to survive groundwater cutbacks:  “The thinking started small and then grew much bigger at a gathering Tuesday in Bakersfield that was intended to provide a “survival toolkit” for farmers and water managers facing drastic restrictions on Central Valley groundwater pumping.  Irrigation and other technical specialists opened the meeting by promoting ways to maximize the region’s existing water resources. Discussions ranged from individual investments in desalination to gathering water-use data as a way for farmers to defend against government accusations of over-pumping. … ”  Read more from Bakersfield.com here:  Farmers urged to think big and small to survive groundwater cutbacks