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Dick Telles

May 20, 2020

Commentary: Valley’s Dick Telles has been a great farmer-ambassador for the United States
A century ago, the San Joaquin Valley was recovering from the ravages of another pandemic — the Spanish flu. And from the ravages of a three-year drought that’s difficult for us to imagine. The Valley was primarily cattle land controlled by a few ranchers like Miller and Lux.

No Interstate 5. Not even a Highway 99. Only a few had the imagination to dream what might be: That with water and wisdom and mule-stubborn persistence, this Valley might clothe and feed a great nation. Fewer still had the courage to make that dream a reality.

But there were a glorious few: names like Russell Giffen, Jim Boswell, Jack Harris, Dick Telles, and Jack Woolf.  

Fresno Bee