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Jun 30, 2020

The Delta Tunnel is not a social justice project On the Public Record writes, “The pro-Delta Tunnel, pro Water Blueprint crowd, the guys supporting plantation agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley, are living in this moment, just as we are. Seeing where the energy is going, they’re trying to use the language of the moment. It has been unfortunate. The SJV Water Blueprint tried to claim they were doing community organizing. Their consultants did a better job with the visual language of Blueprint outreach; now everything has the same triptych of [some heron, children drinking, and a meeting] and I can’t tell it anyone apart any more without reading the text. Over the weekend, CalMatters put this appalling opinion piece on their website, and honestly, CalMatters, do you have no standards for throwing up any old crap that gets submitted to you? … ”  Read more from On the Public Record here:  The Delta Tunnel is not a social justice project.

Delta tunnel: DWR plans for ESA consultation under Trump administration:  Deirdre Des Jardins writes, “On June 18, 2020, the Department of Water Resources submitted an application to the US Army Corps of Engineers for a Section 404 Clean Water Act permit for the Delta tunnel.  Getting federal permits for the Delta tunnel is complicated by Attorney General Becerra’s lawsuit over the Bureau of Reclamation’s new Long-Term Operations  for the Central Valley Project.  Reclamation has reportedly refused to be the lead agency for the Environmental Impact Statement for the Delta tunnel under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA.) Instead, the US Army Corps of Engineers is expected to be the NEPA lead. ... ”  Read more from the California Water Research blog here: Delta tunnel: DWR plans for ESA consultation under Trump administration

Delta legacy communities express their outrage:  “This is a poignant letter written by the Delta Legacy Communities expressing their outrage that the Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority (DCA) continue to push forward with a Delta conveyance based on the cancelled WaterFix project. They rightfully object that the WaterFix was a project that did not use best available science, or comply with the Delta Plan, according to the Delta Stewardship Council’s draft 2018 findings. Yet DWR’s recent Section 404 permit application to the US Army Corps of Engineers is based in substantial part on the withdrawn WaterFix project specifications. This continuation of the previous project is wholly unacceptable to our communities. … ”  Read more from Save the California Delta Alliance here: Delta legacy communities express their outrage