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Value of Hydro

Aug 23, 2020

Reclamation dams demonstrate value of hyower during recent western U.S. heatwave

The Bureau of Reclamation this week responded to unusually high energy demands across the western United States, demonstrating hyower’s integral role as a renewable, reliable, abundant, carbon-free source of electricity that provides great value to the West and protects our nation’s energy security.  Examples of Reclamation’s actions this week include:

    • Glen Canyon, Morrow Point, Hoover, Davis and Parker dams ramping up power production in response to California’s electrical emergency and to help stabilize the western electrical grid.  
    • Central Valley Project maximizing generation and reserves to make more energy available during peaks as well as shifting pumping operations to off-peak periods to reduce system load.
    • Pacific Northwest federal dams generating enough electricity to meet load requirements for the Columbia River Basin and selling surplus power to California via the Bonneville Power Administration.
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