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UC Davis To Offer "Green" Agriculture Degree

Aug 25, 2011

With rising public interest in where our food comes from -– as well as in "green" living –- it makes sense that higher education would be eager to attract students who want to tap into the intersection between these two fields.

So UC Davis – that bastion of all things agricultural – is launching an undergraduate major focused on agricultural sustainability.

The degree, a bachelor of science in sustainable agriculture and food systems, aims to give students a deep understanding of the "many issues facing modern farming and food systems, including production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste management," according to an announcement by the university.

School officials added that "students will focus on the social, economic and environmental aspects of agriculture and food – from farm to table and beyond. The program is designed to help students obtain a diversity of knowledge and skills, both in the classroom and through personal experiences on and off campus."

Some UC Davis students have already begun transferring into the new major, the school said. UC Davis will start taking applications for the major from freshmen and transfer students later this year.