Learn about the San Joaquin Valley and the dire shaping concerning water and farming.
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Introductory Message from the Board of Directors


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Currently, the San Joaquin Valley is in dire shape concerning water. The West Side is being dried up to the point where many farm families are being put out of business forever.

Current attacks on the Valley’s water take two forms. One is the view that water is nothing but a commodity and must be sold to the highest bidder. This is a foolhardy concept which, if followed, will condemn the United States to depend upon foreign sources with unreliable health protections for its food supply.

The second attack comes from the fringe environmentalists who consistently take water from agriculture either by court order or legislative action. Much of the time, the water does not improve the situation for which it was ostensibly taken. Nonetheless, elected officials, including some from the Valley, continue to look the other way and have been woefully impotent in protecting this Valley.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that John Broeske has been named as our new Executive Director. John has been in radio management for 30 years with several companies including McClatchy, Henry Broadcasting, ABC, American Radio Systems, CBS, Infinity, and Peak Broadcasting. John has been a talk show host, general manager, program director and consultant. At KMJ Fresno he directed the station to leadership in the market for over 20 years. John brings management and marketing skills that will help the Board of Directors for Families Protecting the Valley to raise public awareness of this critical water problem that needs resolution immediately.

The FPV Board of Directors is committed to advocate for protection of the Valley’s water. The Board is deliberately made up of individuals who believe a more aggressive approach is imperative to protect the Valley’s water.