Election 2010
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Board of Directors


Families Protecting the Valley Board of Directors

Denis Prosperi Karen Musson Bob Smittcamp Russ Waymire
John "Dusty" Giacone Joe Marchini Larry Peltzer Kole Upton
Piedad Ayala Tom Barcellos Jim Walls  

Financial contributions by FPV ($40,000) and Panoche Creek Packing, Inc. ($20,000) have enabled a start toward reaching our goals and objectives, but we need your donations in order to continue to address Valley water issues.  Your support would be appreciated as we embark on this quest to protect this Valley’s water for our children and grandchildren.


The primary goal of the organization is to ensure an adequate and affordable water supply for the people of the San Joaquin Valley both now and in the future.  Our surface supplies and underground aquifers must be protected against appropriation by government agencies or private entities and the elitist position that they have needs superior to ours.

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