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How To Use Our Website


There are a few things you need to know about the Families Protecting the Valley website.  First of all you'll see the Water News Headlines.  This section is daily with water news impacting California and the Central Valley.  We gather it from all the major newspapers, environmental groups, blogs and governmental agencies.  We do not just post articles we like.  It's important for all of us to see all the news, good or bad.  Stories can move quickly in this section, so check daily to see if there's something you might be interested to see.  

Next, you'll notice the Newsletter section.  This is where we publish our perspective on water issues.  We take the Water News articles and tell you what we think is really going on.  You won't see our perspective in any other publications, certainly not on the editorial pages of the major newspapers in this state.  If you want to know the truth, what's really going on with California water, read our newsletters.  It might not make you happy, but you will know what's happening.  If you click on the View More link you'll see all the hundreds of newsletters we've written over the years.  If you're looking for perspective on any issue you can probably find it in our newsletter archives.  

The Response section are made up of comments from readers about the Water News Headlines.  This section does not publish only the comments we like.  We think it's important to see what a variety of people think about the issues, good or bad.  We don't want to try to fool ourselves into thinking everyone agrees with us.  Unfortunately, they don't.

The Join Our Mailing List is just what it says.  We encourage you to join the list.  You will receive our newsletters the instant they're published.  We won't use your email for anything else.  And, we won't bombard you with too much info.  You'll just get our newsletter which comes out once or twice a week.  It doesn't come on any certain days of the week, just when we have something to say.  

The Donate link is also just what it says.  We do official fundraisers every couple of years or so.  But, we accept donations any time of year.  We are proud that we are supported by voluntary donations from people who like what we do.  We hope we can count on you.  You can click on our Donor List to see our supporters.  Some give a lot, some less, but all are appreciated.  Some don't wish to be listed, and we have no problem with that.

When we have a new radio commercial we will also make it available on the website.  Scroll to the Listen to Our Commercial to hear it.

Something that is not on the website, but it's something you'll see around the Valley are the Families Protecting the Valley signs.  You'll see them on all the major highways up and down the Valley.  They are the 'Congressionally Created Dust Bowl', 'No Water = No Jobs', and many others.  These are also made possible by your support.  

We hope you find the site useful.  If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us by emailing john@familiesprotectingthevalley.com

Thanks for your interest and support,

Families Protecting the Valley