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Squeezing A Balloon!

When there are water problems in one area it impacts other areas as well, like squeezing a balloon.

Aug 30, 2011


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AUGUST 30 2011

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Squeezing A Balloon!

The e-mail below from Lance Johnson is in response to our newsletter "Sucker Punched" about the Santa Ana Sucker.  The e-mail was originally sent to the Fresno Bee and reminds us of the interconnectedness of water throughout the State of California.  When there are water problems in one area it impacts other areas as well, like squeezing a balloon.  We are enjoying the benefits of two wet years, but the balloon is still being squeezed. 

Squeezing a Balloon

Mark Grossi’s April 20th article linking the ESA listing of the Santa Ana Sucker fish in San Bernardino to delta water supplies accurately describes how water supply issues in one region can directly impact other regions in the State. With only a few exceptions water supply issues in California are like squeezing a balloon – squeeze it in one place and the problem simply pops out somewhere else. Unfortunately few Californian’s understand where their water comes from much less that environmental issues and water supply problems have direct connections to issues hundreds of miles away. 

The problem is self evident this year, a lack of adequate surface and ground water storage capacity both north and south of the delta and the inability to move the supplies that are available through or around the delta. Our State’s water supply “balloon” is stretched to the breaking point.  And the only way to prevent that balloon, and our state’s already weak economy, from bursting is to build much needed additional water storage and conveyance facilities. That or to stop placing the needs of fish before those of people, jobs, our state and national economy and the food we grow to put on our tables.

L W Johnson
Shaver Lake


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