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High-Speed Rail: A Better Idea

Wouldn't it make more sense to build a segment from Bakersfield to Los Angeles first?

Apr 30, 2012


Families Protecting The Valley Newsletter

APRIL 30 2012


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High-Speed Rail: A Better Idea

We remain highly skeptical about California's high-speed rail plans because we ask the same question that the Legislative Analyst Office, the state auditor, the state inspector general and the U.S. Government Accounting Office all ask: where's the money? It just doesn't seem to be a problem worth solving for the High-Speed Rail Authority or any of the other cheerleaders. But, just for a minute, let's pretend we wanted to build a high-speed train in California. How would we do it?

The first thing we notice about train service in our part of California is that we can take a train to Bakersfield, but then have to transfer to a bus for the remainder of our trip South. Wouldn't it make more sense to build a segment from Bakersfield to Los Angeles first? Why would the High-Speed Rail Authority, the Obama Administration and Governor Jerry Brown want to construct a segment where there's already train service in existence, and not where there's nothing in existence?

Here is the opportunity for President Obama, Governor Brown, Congressman Costa, Mayor Swearengin, and the other HSR advocates to demonstrate leadership. The requirement to receive the federal funds of $3.3 Billion is that the initial construction MUST start in the Central Valley. Bakersfield is in the Central Valley.

If they were to build a segment from Bakersfield to Los Angeles, it would make sense in that it would connect the Valley with L.A. and more of us might use it. Wouldn't that make more sense than the current plan? We could see what kind of ridership it got and then consider whether it made sense to build another segment.

Just a question.


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