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Have Something Good To Say About High-Speed Rail?

Since we can't find any good news about the project, we'd like to offer anyone out there who is for the project the opportunity to write their positive reasons for supporting it.

Jun 15, 2012


Families Protecting The Valley Newsletter
VOLUME 4 ISSUE 37 JUNE 15 2012


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Have Something Good To Say About High-Speed Rail?

We continue to be amazed at the amount of bad news we see about California's high-speed rail. There is a never-ending stream of articles from newspapers all over the state with one bad story after another. Do the people who favor the project have nothing to say in response? We couldn't help but notice during the election that proponents of high-speed rail failed to mention it in their campaign adds. Do they know something? Do they know it's political death? Below we have posted the various reports that have condemned the lack of a sound business plan. We have also posted a few of the articles we've seen in just the last week or so. It's difficult for us to be in favor of a project that has so much negative publicity based on hard facts on a daily basis.

We always like to think of ourselves as open-minded people of the land. We are simple folk just trying to muddle our way through life. Farming was thought to be just a life of planting and growing things. But, we've had to learn hydrology to keep up with the science of water; we've had to study biology to keep up 'biological' opinions from various courts; we've had to study endangered species to keep up with little animals and fish that keep us from farming and building water storage facilities like dams and reservoirs; we've had to learn how to drill deeper and deeper as more of our surface water is taken; we've had to learn politics to try to get city-folk who have no idea how all this works try to understand; we've had to learn engineering to figure out why rail tracks have to be routed over our land; and, of course, we've practically had to get law degrees to even get into the fight.

But, getting back to the bad news about high-speed rail. Since we can't find any good news about the project, we'd like to offer anyone out there who is for the project the opportunity to write their positive reasons for supporting it. We hope you'll address all the criticisms, mainly the lack of a sound financial plan beyond the already committed federal $3.3B and the soon-to-come(we're pretty sure) $2.7B from the Sacramento legislators who will, no doubt, approve the bond. So, write away, send it to us and if it is a serious attempt to support the project we will send it out in our newsletter. Just click 'reply' to send it to us. Who knows? Maybe our elected officials who support the HSR like Congressman Jim Costa, Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin or Governor Jerry Brown would like to take this opportunity to give our readers the other side of this issue.


California Independent Legislative Analyst's Office Report - the state's non-partisan Legislative Analyst's Office came out strongly against the new plan.

California Inspector General Report on High-Speed Rail - "The Authority is not fully prepared to distribute and monitor ARRA [American Recovery and Reinvestment Act] funds."

California Auditor Report on High-Speed Rail - To the growing library of official criticisms, add another disapproval today.

U.S. Government Accounting Office Report on High-Speed Rail - Available federal loan programs can support only a fraction of potential high speed rail project costs.

CHSR Peer Review Group Report - The Legislature should refuse to authorize billions of dollars in bond spending for the first phase of California's high-speed rail project.

USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll - Across the state, 55% of the voters want the bond issue that was approved in 2008 placed back on the ballot.

Community Coalition on High-Speed Rail - Authors of a new study say operation costs for the train will actually be four times what CHSRA is projecting.

Latest Stories:

The Graying of Governor Brown -But California continues racing down the tracks with no real plan for this huge infrastructure project, except elusive funding from a cap and trade marketing scheme.

'No Document Exists' on Bullet Train's Speed - “I have an answer on your request for some documented proof of the assertions the engineers made to Dan Richard. The answer is that no document exists."


What Fuels Brown's Bullet Train Fixation? - Backing the boondoggle betrays Brown’s reputation for frugality and caution, and obliterates the narrative that he is the seasoned smart guy.

The Tangled Web of High-Speed Spending - Anything to do with the already bankrupt California High-Speed Rail Authority should be tossed in the circular file. However,

Environmental Objections In Path of Bullet Train - Rail construction could create more emissions in an area that already has dirty air and high asthma rates.

Contra Costa Times Editorial: Time To Ease Up on Throttle of High-Speed Rail - There is a fine line between visionary and delusional.


Santa Cruz Sentinel Editorial: As We See It: Off the Tracks: Gov Needs to Stop High-Speed Rail Folly - California can't even afford to pay for schools, much less this example of governmental folly.

San Bernardino Sun: Derail Brown's Fantasy Project - Gov. Jerry Brown, would have California's Legislature suspend its tough environmental laws so the state could put this pet project on the - pardon the pun - fast track.

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