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Newsletter: Devil In The Details

Although there is supposed to be 3-billion-dollars for surface water storage in the bond, we can find no guarantee that anything will be built.

Nov 15, 2009


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Volume 1 Issue 28                                                                                 November 15, 2009
In This Issue
"Devil in the Details"
The Water Deal: 11 Questions
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1. Do the water bond and its associated bills guarantee additional water supplies for the San Joaquin Valley?
Answer: NO. If certain criteria is met beyond the Valley's control Temperance Flat may be funded.

 2. Does this legislation guarantee water for Western Kings and Fresno counties?
Answer: NO. This legislation and the bond and layers of regulation to the Delta make relief less likely.

3. Do these bills and the bond protect Valley water supplies?
Answer: NO. By empowering the State Water Resources Control Board to initiate, investigate and take action on all California waters, it puts more Valley water at risk.

4. Do these bills and bond protect the Delta from further pollution and sewage discharges?
Answer: NO. It does not place limits on sewage discharges or even their increases.

5. Does the bond or these bills stop San Francisco and the East Bay from increasingly diverting water upstream from the Delta?
Answer: NO. It appears to ignore these Delta drying diversions by intimating they are areas of origin.

6. Does the bond or these bills pay for any part of a Peripheral Canal?
Answer: NO. The only reference to a Peripheral Canal says all payments and cost are paid by water users.

7. Will the water developed by a Peripheral Canal, if ever built, be affordable to farmers?
Answer: NO. Estimates are in the $500 per acre foot delivery cost and no crops consistently can pay for that high price.

8. Will we be paying for additional water storage coming from the Delta to the East Bay?
Answer: As Los Vaqueros expansion is the only reservoir mentioned, it is highly possible.

9. Will the pumps for Contra Costa Water District be curtailed similarly to the state and federal pumps since all extract from the Delta?
Answer: NO. There is no mention of those pumps that remain uncurtailed and unscreened.

10. Have the Valley politicians bought a bill of goods with this bond and associated bills?
Answer: Time will tell, but that appears at this time to be the case.

11. Is there pork barrel spending that results in no additional water or reliability?
Answer: YES. There is at least 1.75 BILLION dollars for watersheds, conservation boards, parkways, restorations and DAM REMOVAL monies, to name a few.

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