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Made in China!

But has no problem using USDA government money to purchase food from China to feed Central Valley farmworkers who are out of work.

Jul 14, 2012

Apparently the U.S. Congress gets very upset when private money is used to purchase Olympic uniforms from China, but has no problem using USDA government money to purchase food from China to feed Central Valley farmworkers who are out of work because our water has been shut off by government agencies. Let us explain.

Remember when we were in the middle of the man-made drought here in the Central Valley? Thousands of farm workers were out of jobs because Delta water pumps were shut off to protect the Delta Smelt. Those farm workers had to stand in line for food with 'Made in China' labels instead of earning a living producing the food like they used to do. This food was purchased by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

Do these politicians ever ask themselves questions like: 1. What policies cause cities to go broke? 2. What policies cause counties to go broke? 3. What policies cause states to go broke? 4. What policies cause countries to go broke? 5. What policies have caused manufacturing to leave the country? 6. Do these politicians ever look at the labels on their own clothes? Some of the same politicians complaining about all this are the same polliticians who drove businesses out of the country in the first place.

The following is from a speech by Congressman Tom McClintock:

From "The Agony of the Central Valley": Had the Democrats come to Fresno, they would have heard and seen the anguish of the people of the Central Valley of California. The water diversions have destroyed a half-million acres of the most productive farmland in America and thrown 30,000 Central Valley families into unemployment.

They would have heard the stories of food lines in communities that once prided themselves on being the breadbasket of the western United States. They would have heard about the frustration of seeing produce imported from China being handed out in those food lines to the very same American farmers who once supplied the same produce to the world.

And they would have seen the anger as the absent Interior Secretary’s testimony to the Natural Resources Committee last year was played back, in which he admitted that the Obama administration has the authority to turn the water pumps back on, but that it chooses not to do so because that would be “like admitting failure.”

So, the hypocrisy of Congress is there for all to see. Did you know that China is looking for farm land in Africa (China's Eye on African Agriculture) and we won't even look in our own back yard? We should also note that China has to buy cotton from the U.S. to make clothes (China Buys 90,964 Bales of U.S. Cotton), so they buy the cotton, ship it to China, make clothes, then ship them back for us to buy. All because our own policies made by these same politicians have made it too difficult to make things here.

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