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List of Current Donors

Nov 14, 2009


Bob Brandt

Steven Emment

Cosyns Farms

Sam and Joy Pistoresi

Mark T. and Donna J. Hutson Trust

Silver Creek Almond Co. Inc.

Diedrichs Ag Spray Inc.

J. Giacone and Son

Schmieder Farms

Bill Diedrich

George D. Watte and Sons

Neil Dau

Phil Schuh

Cory Edwards

Guthrie Petroleum Inc.

Dorothy J. Prosperi Trust

Fred and Diane Massetti Family Trust

Schafer Ranch Inc.

Darrell Vincent

Mendota Growers Farming Co.

Midland Tractor

John A. Giacone

Debenedetto Fruit Co. LLC

Columbia Canal Co.

Brod Farming

West Valley Aviation Inc.

T-Bar Dairy

California Industrial Rubber Co.

Doouble G Farms

Wayne Gowens Ranch

Robert L. and Connie L. Bitter

Edward Martinezzi

Starrh and Starrh Cotton Growers

McKinney Farming

Going Nuts Inc.

Abercrombie Farms/Matt Abercrombie

Prosperi Family

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