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The Koch Brothers

On environmental issues, the count is 553 liberal groups against 32 conservative ones, and the left has 462 times the funding of the right.

Sep 17, 2012

"The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America's Future" is David Horowitz's new book. In Ron Johnson's book review in the Washington Times he says that the book's primary revelation "is that conservatives are heavily outgunned when it comes to money. A third of the book is a series of appendices and tables that list foundations by assets and activist groups by budgets. These, and the story Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Laksin reveal, all add up to the reality that progressive foundations have about $105 billion in assets, a figure 10 times larger than the amount held by conservative foundations. Not one conservative foundation has assets exceeding $1 billion. Fourteen liberal foundations do. The money available to liberal activists dwarfs what conservative groups have access to."

Johnson then goes on to explain "this advantage means liberal groups far outspend conservative ones. On immigration, the 117 progressive groups identified by Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Laksin have 22 times the funding of the nine conservative groups. On environmental issues, the count is 553 liberal groups against 32 conservative ones, and the left has 462 times the funding of the right."

Despite this disparity between the left and the right, there is a continuous stream of information about how the Koch Brothers are influencing American politics. According to Horowitz "the Koch Brothers have a foundation. It’s worth $239 million. Sounds like a lot of money. The Ford Foundation has $10 billion. It’s 30, whatever that is, five times, 35 times the size of the Koch Brothers. And, of course, the Gates Foundation is three times the size of Ford."

Horowitz also gives this financial explanation of the environmental left: "The environmental leftists, we divided environmental groups into pro free market and anti‑free market. The anti‑free market wants huge government controls. They think that corporations are the cause of everything from the mythic global warming to every other environmental problem we have. So they have built into them this anti‑capitalist, anti‑freedom agenda. The progressive environmental organizations have $9 1/2 billion in assets. That’s bigger than the EPA budget which is 8.7 billion. And also dwarves the pro ‑‑ there are pro free market environmental organizations like the Competitive Enterprise Institute. There are 32 of those and they have $38 million."

So, when you keep seeing stories about how the Koch Brothers are influencing politics, realize they are just a drop in the bucket compared to spending on the left. According to Horowitz, 'we're not bringing a knife to a gunfight, we're bringing a toothpick."

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