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The Republican Party is constantly attacked as the 'party of no', but who is more a 'party of no' than environmentalists?

Nov 26, 2012

Everywhere you look people are trying to solve the problems that create obstacles in their lives. And everywhere you look there is one group of people consistently trying to block the problem-solving. Care to take a guess? It's always the environmentalists. The Republican Party is constantly attacked as the 'party of no', but who is more a 'party of no' than environmentalists? Whether you're trying to solve the Delta water problem, desal along the coast, fracking to solve the energy problem or simply trying to clean up a bad smell, you can always count on environmentalists to block your path.

Just in today's news we see stories about how the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan that's being put together with co-equal goals of delivering water to Central Valley farms and 20-million people of Southern California and improving the ecological health of the Delta is not environmental enough. Fracking, which is a technique to extract shale oil from underground, and is the reason for the economic boom in the Dakotas is being attacked as environmentally unfriendly and contributing to climate change. Along the California coast the water problem is being addressed by proposed desalination plants that convert sea water to drinking water, but guess who doesn't like it? Even in beautiful La Jolla where bird poop is fouling the air, environmentalists oppose the clean-up.

Fracking, desal and a Delta plan are all solutions to existing problems that need to be addressed, but we can always count on the enviros to stand in the way of progress.

Proposed Delta Plan Shows Little Concern for Those Living There: From the Vacaville Reporter, this commentary by Solano County Supervisor Mike Reagan:


“In coming months, residents of the Delta region should closely follow several key initiatives that could change the Delta landscape we know today. Most notable are the Delta Plan and the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.

The scenarios being considered could result in tens of thousands of acres of productive farmland in Solano County being converted to tidal wetland areas, with little consideration of economic compensation to Solano County or its residents. Water-quality deterioration from salt intrusion, caused by reduced fresh-water flows, could further impact farmlands and fresh-water supplies.

It is essential that we all stay engaged in these processes to ensure the worst-case scenarios do not occur and that the county receives fair mitigation. … “


Continue reading this commentary at the Vacaville Reporter by clicking here.


Fracking Harms Environment, Planet's Climate: From the Ventura County Star, this commentary by Kassie Siegel, director of the Center for Biological Diversity’s Climate Law Institute in San Francisco:


“A tidal wave is about to sweep over our state. Oil companies are snapping up thousands of acres across central and Southern California. Armed with dangerous new techniques, the petroleum industry aims to exploit a vast reservoir of previously inaccessible shale oil — and the consequences for our air, water and public health could be devastating.

This oil will be extracted using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as the industry commonly calls it. Fracking is a rapidly evolving technique that involves blasting huge amounts of water, along with toxic chemicals, deep into the ground to break up rocks and extract oil and gas.

Many Californians don’t realize we’re facing a fracking boom and don’t know much about the technology’s risks. … “


Continue reading from the Ventura County Star by clicking here.




View Draws Visitors, but Smell Is Driving Them Off: From the Sacramento Bee:


“Come for the sights. (There is not a more majestic spot to watch the sun set over the Pacific.) Or come for the sounds. (The waves crash against the rocks, and the sea lions bark at one another on the bluffs.) But don’t come for the smell.

“It’s so bad, it’s so bad,” said Neda Long, a tourist from Tennessee. “As soon as we pulled up, it was like, this is awful.”

In beautiful La Jolla Cove, art galleries and coffee shops meet a stretch of unspoiled cliffs and Pacific Ocean. Home to former presidential candidates (Mitt Romney was seen pumping his own gas recently) and seal colonies alike, the neighborhood provides one of San Diego’s primary tourist draws. … “


Continue reading from the Sacramento Bee by clicking here.



Desalination in San Diego

Desalination—the process of removing salt from saltwater to make drinking water—only sounds like a panacea for San Diego’s water supply dilemma. To understand the damaging complexities of desalination, let’s examine the Poseidon Resources’ proposed Carlsbad Desalination Plant.


But first, we recommend reading the Equinox Center's report that examines the costs of water supply options for San Diego.

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