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Newsletter: Here We Go Again

'Where does the Valley think this will lead?'

Dec 29, 2009


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Volume 1 Issue 34                                                          December 29, 2009
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Here We Go Again
Another Westside Farmer Sells Water Rights
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'Where does the Valley think this will lead to?  We at "Families Protecting the Valley" can't protect the valley from running out of water if the water districts and farmers don't start protecting themselves.'

Board of Directors

At a special meeting of the Kings County Water Commission Tuesday evening, members spent most of the meeting discussing something that nobody wants to see: The permanent transfer of water rights to entities outside Kings County.

This time is was Steve Jackson, a farmer with about 1,700 acres of mostly stone fruit trees in the Dudley Ridge Water District. Jackson is selling about half of his land -- 884 acres -- to the Irvine Ranch Water District in Southern California.

The price was $14.3 million, Jackson said.

It's the second transfer of water rights out of Dudley Ridge this year. The first was a Bay Area land and farming partnership called Sandridge Partners which inked a deal to sell $73 million worth of permanent rights to the Mojave Water Agency in San Bernardino County.

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