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What Makes DiFi Tick?

She has made it abundantly clear that she has no intention to compromise when it comes to the Delta pumps or San Joaquin River Restoration.

Feb 04, 2014

We have to admit we have a lot of respect for the environmental movement. They go to war strategically and tactically. They have a plan and they plan to win. And when they win ground, they never give it up, not an inch. When they take a hill, they keep it. They apparently feel that any retreat is the first step in a long journey, going the wrong way. They resist any compromise when it comes to building new dams, raising existing dams, easing pumping regulations in the Delta, retreating on San Joaquin River Restoration plans, or for that matter, desalting ocean water. You name it, name your solution to the drought and they will oppose it every time unless it's called something like conservation, water banking, transfers, studies, task forces, etc.

This is also what we see with Dianne Feinstein. She has made it abundantly clear that she has no intention to compromise when it comes to the Delta pumps or San Joaquin River Restoration, yet she still says, "
“I have said repeatedly that I stand ready to collaborate with anyone in good faith to solve California’s water problems." Really? How else would she suggest we get water? The pumps and the SJ River are just about all there is for the Valley. She says those are not negotiable, yet she 'stands ready to collaborate with anyone in good faith' just so long as we don't talk about the only two things that matter.

Republicans have tried to solve both problems with legislation, yet the Senator sends out releases that the Fresno Bee says are "largely defensive...and merely reiterated her past water efforts and shot down the Republican proposals to deliver water to San Joaquin Valley farms...We're wondering what part of the word "emergency" the senator doesn't understand."

The Senator goes on to explain how hard she's worked, "noting several of her efforts and accomplishments regarding water banking, water transfers, and storage studies...so that we can have a discussion about practical and meaningful measures that could garner the support of our congressional colleagues and be enacted into law." In other words, she's willing to compromise as long as your compromise is exactly what she wants, which amounts to little more than talking and planning. Jerry Brown once said, “The reason that everybody likes planning is that nobody has to do anything.”

We should note that the Bureau of Reclamation just halted restoration flows on the San Joaquin River, no thanks to DiFi. They just flat out ran out of water. The decision was made for them. If they hadn't stopped the madness now instead of at the end of February as they planned, Orange Cove residents would have run out of their municipal supply. This should have been stopped a month ago, but DiFi couldn't find any room for compromise. She has said numerous times over the years that she is going to come out with new legislation to fix the water supply problem, but the only legislation she ever wrote and got passed was the SJ River Restoration bill that has just drained Millerton Lake behind Friant Dam!!

All we have to show for the twenty-plus years DiFi has been in the U.S. Senate is less and less water. She has never taken on environmental interests on anything that matters, and she never will. And that's what makes DiFi tick. Learn it. Know it. Live with it.

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