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Kiss Control of Your Groundwater Goodbye!

"So you have to be able to say okay at a certain point, it’s going to get really expensive if you use more.”

May 02, 2014

These are just some of the quotes from articles about the future of groundwater control. We know who has it now, and you can see below who will have it in the future.

Assembly Committee Approves Groundwater Legislation: "define a “backstop” role for the state in cases where a local or regional agency is unable to protect and manage a basin."

Stanislaus County groundwater proposal sets threshold, monitoring levels: "The plan includes setting thresholds and monitoring groundwater levels, establishing a governing structure and funding it, and then enforcing regulations."

Groundwater Management Workshop, Part 4: The state backstop: "One of the things that we’re proposing to discuss in Stanislaus County is that additions to the permit conditions for monitoring and measurement.”

DWR releases report on groundwater basins with potential shortages: "The Plan expresses the Governor’s commitment to work with the Legislature and ensure that local agencies have the tools and authority needed for sustainable management of groundwater resources."

Groundwater Part 3: Financing mechanisms for groundwater management : "It’s especially important in places that are not adjudicated where people don’t have their individual use rights, so you have to be able to say okay at a certain point, it’s going to get really expensive if you use more.”

Groundwater basins should be adjudicated: "Adjudication involves detailed aquifer mapping, so the “safe yield” of the basin can be determined and withdrawals adjusted accordingly."

Why California groundwater policy must change: "No matter that history, science, and current realities provide overwhelming evidence against it, the “local control” dogma reigns supreme."

Drought brings new attention to groundwater: "Statewide groundwater regulation has been raised as one possibility by some legislators."

Crowd pours in for groundwater talks: "State Water Resources Control Board member Dorene D'Adamo says that there has been an increased interest across the state regarding sustainable groundwater management as climate change continues to increase."

Lawsuit over Paso Robles basin will be decided in San Jose: "the quiet title suit seeks to reaffirm the right of overlying property owners to pump water from the Paso Robles groundwater basin and put it to a beneficial use such as watering crops."

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