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FPV Board Member Testifies!

The problem is that this project was sold under the concept that HSR would use existing corridors

Mar 23, 2011


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MARCH 23 2011

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FPV Board Member Testifies!

FPV recommends you listen to the statements below by folks in the Valley concerned about High Speed Rail.  The problem is that this project was sold under the concept that HSR would use existing corridors and preserve farm land. Instead, they have abandoned that principle, and now HSR proponents are upset that farmers and smaller cities such as Madera are concerned about the effects of HSR.

What would be refreshing is if the most vocal of the proponents, especially some of those representing the City of Fresno interests, would get on board and demand that HSR do this project as promised instead of throwing their fellow Valley citizens and cities under the train.

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Kole Upton Families Protecting the Valley board member.

Assembly joint hearing of the Agriculture Committee and the Committee on High Speed Rail:

Click on the link and there is a line directly under the picture.  You can move it with your cursor

39:10 Madera Mayor stating no one from HSR has talked to him.

1:11:11  John Tos farmer from Hanford equating HSR's actions to rape.

3:30:00  Kole Upton's attempt to ask the French Engineer a question about I-5.


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