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All Elected Officials Should Take This Approach

Where does your mayor, your supervisor, your councilperson stand on this issue?

Sep 29, 2014

What if all our elected representatives took this approach? Our Governor, Senators, and Congressmen need to hear this from the non-water representatives of the San Joaquin Valley. Where does your mayor, your supervisor, your councilperson stand on this issue? It impacts all of us. Kudos to Supervisor Rogers.

Merced Sun-Star

Madera supervisor talks with governor about river flows

Madera County District 2 Supervisor David Rogers spoke with Gov. Jerry Brown in August about water concerns in Madera County. During Brown’s visit to the Rural County Representatives of California, Rogers asked the governor to join Madera County and call for a moratorium on San Joaquin River restoration flows.

“The river itself is in danger of becoming a lake tributary due to the subsidence occurring on the west side of Madera County,” Rogers said. “This subsidence would render the river restoration project a useless waste of money and water resources, while contributing to the demise of our aquifer.”

Rogers attributes diminishing groundwater supplies to the lack of surface water delivery to farmers, who have been forced to pump from the aquifer. Restricting water for farmers while continuing the restoration project will result in higher prices for all agriculture-related products.

“The warm water fishery of the San Joaquin will never support salmon and will destroy another endangered species – the Madera County resident,” he said.

Rogers attributes the recent, larger than usual decline of the aquifer to drought, lack of snowpack, the steady decline in surface water deliveries and overgrown forests.

“Our forests are sucking up much of the water which should matriculate down to the valley in the form of groundwater, about 100,000 acre-feet per year,” Rogers said. “The failed spotted owl policies of our federal government have caused our forests to gulp up much of our water, and growing fuel for uncontrollable fires.”

In response, Brown spoke of the water bond and his “unprecedented 2.7 billion dollar allocation for water storage projects.” Brown also addressed the supervisor’s concerns on the watershed and other issues, saying “the federal government does nothing.”

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