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Another Attempt to Destroy the Central Valley

Not satisfied with the Valley getting 0% this year, they demand even more be taken.

Oct 31, 2014

Environmentalist Elites With Another attempt to Destroy the Central Valley - Note the article below where the well-to-do elites do a long distance run to demand that the State Water Resources Control Board headed by their ally Felicia Marcus of NRDC take more water away from agriculture and the central valley.Replica Watches Not satisfied with the Valley getting 0% this year, they demand even more be taken. They must have failed to take math while they were doing long distance running and over dosing on political science classes in whatever Ivy League college they attended. Pretty tough to get less than zero.


We hope our legislators here in the Valley especially Democrats wake Swiss Replica Watches up to the fact these environmental organizations are waging a war on the Valley.

Broad Coalition Demonstrates Strong Support for State Water Board Action on Fresh Water Flows in the San Joaquin River and Bay-Delta:Today a long-distance relay run delivered 2,100 petition signatures and a letter from 50 non-profits representing commercial fishing, anglers, fish and wildlife conservation, river recreation, and consumer protection advocates requesting rapid action from the State Water Resources Control Board to protect the San Joaquin River and San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary.

Today’s run capped the first annual “Salmon Run for Rivers”, a 108 mile relay that has carried petition signatures from San Francisco to Sacramento in stages since last Saturday. Friends of the River organized the run which was sponsored by Fish Revolution, the SalmonAID Foundation, and The Bay Institute.

On average, less than one-third of the San Joaquin’s natural flow arrives
in the Bay-Delta estuary during the winter and spring; in some years, up to 90% of the river is diverted upstream for use in irrigated agriculture and by cities like San Francisco. Later in the year, the majority of the river’s water is made up of polluted agricultural return flow that is heavily contaminated with fertilizers, pesticides, and salts, and by toxic trace elements which are removed from the soil by irrigating the west side of the San Joaquin Valley. ... ”

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