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The No-Cost Water Solution

We can recommend a couple of policy changes so that when it does rain we will be able to use the water that Mother Nature provides for us.

Nov 13, 2014

We have nothing against all the good people who have done the hard work required to get some storage language into Proposition 1, the Water Bond, but we won't hold our breath waiting for a dam....or tunnels.

We do, however, have some ideas on how to help solve the water crisis that don't cost anything, and might even save a billion or two.

We can't make it rain, of course, as the Governor has said. But, we can recommend a couple of policy changes so that when it does rain we will be able to use the water that Mother Nature provides for us.

When we say a couple of policy changes, we mean two to be precise. The first is to do a re-do on the San Joaquin River Settlement Act, and the second is to make a slight change in the Endangered Species Act.

Why should we do a re-do of the SJ River Settlement? We need to remind everyone that the settlement we got wasn't the settlement the parties involved signed. L
egislators beholden to the environmental movement refuse to acknowledge the environmentalists violation of the agreement (Which S.J. River Settlement Are We Talking About?)

Last March the Fresno Bee endorsed a re-do saying "with the possibility of a long-term drought ahead and so many questions unanswered, it's worth taking a second look at today's restoration plan and weighing alternatives." Senator Dianne Feinstein said in an interview with the Bee "it is time, in light of climate change, to reassess" the $2 billion plan that would revive salmon runs on the San Joaquin River." If something had been done at that time, when we could see the drought coming, we would be in better shape today, but nothing was done.

What change do we need in the Endangered Species Act? Last March at the Congressional Field Hearing in Fresno FPV Board Member Kole Upton suggested that the ESA should
"incorporate a proposed law requiring environmental water releases be held to the same standards for efficiency and accountability as required of urban and agricultural uses. Water is a public resource and should not be wasted by any user. So, if an environmental water release is not accomplishing the task for which it is being released, then it should be made available to the other water users so it may be beneficially used for society."

That's all. The ESA change costs nothing and the SJ River Settlement re-do will save at least a billion, maybe two. Then we might have some water while we hold our breath for a dam.

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