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'Thumbs Down' to Pacific

Citizens are sick of being ‘railroaded’ by unelected bureaucrats

Apr 15, 2015

We agree with the Fresno Bee’s ‘Thumbs Down’ to pacific Railroad for causing extended delays to road traffic by stopping their trains on road crossings. The article specifically points out the problem in the City of Fresno.
Regrettably, this is apparently standard practice for Pacific. For those travelling on Ave. 9 in Madera County, Pacific frequently stops the train and blocks the Ave. 9 crossing. Thus, drivers have the choice of waiting for an extended period or taking an alternate route which is miles out of the way.
Pacific also stops trains in the middle of Chowchilla being careful to ensure the only two entries to the City are blocked.
In Merced County, Pacific had demanded the County close the Vista Ave. entry to Highway 99. This greatly inconveniences local residents and requires them to go to Madera County in order to even go North on Hwy 99. In addition, some residents in Southern Merced County have been informed that Merced County emergency services will no longer respond to some parts of that area of Merced County. This is particularly frustrating in that the County roads are in such poor shape as to embarrass a third world country. Merced County refuses to help in this situation and kowtows meekly to whatever Pacific demands. On the bright side, the County is very adept at cashing property tax checks.
Citizens are sick of being ‘railroaded’ by unelected bureaucrats (e.g., State Water Resources Control Board), and big companies who are apparently above the law.

EDITORIAL: Thumbs up, thumbs down

Thumbs down to Pacific railroad for routinely blocking traffic between G and Divisadero streets in downtown Fresno. The railroad treats the crossing as if it were part of its rail yard. Traffic is blocked for 10, 15 and 20 minutes at a time for trains stopped dead on the tracks. This situation is a time-wasting inconvenience for commuters, an economic drain and a safety issue. Drivers, knowing they will be blocked for long periods of time, race to beat the train before the gates . Delivery drivers fall behind on their schedules. And countless people end up late for where they were heading. Pacific touts itself as “North America's premier railroad franchise.” It is past time for the railroad to live up to its own hype.

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