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100% Attention on a 3% Problem

We're all running around 'drought shaming' each other, getting mad at farmers, and generally worrying about the wrong things.

Jul 01, 2015

The State Water Resources Control Board just put out a news release with this headline:Hublot Replica Watches  "State reduces water use by nearly 29%"

This is a little misleading since the news release is all about statewide residential water use which is only 10% or less of the state's water use, meaning the state really reduced water use by 2.9%.  But,best replica watches by using the 29% figure maybe they can make people think they're actually making a difference.  Let us be the first to tell you:  you're not making a 29% difference.  

We can't solve our statewide water problems by conserving residential water use.  The real problem is with environmental water use, which is about 50% and hasn't been asked to reduce.  They really aren't even part of the discussion.  You have to hand it to them.  They've marketed themselves right out of the debate by telling everyone 'Big Ag' uses 80%, so Southern Californians look at their lawns and get mad at farmers.  They also get mad at their neighbors for watering on the wrong days or too long.  

We're all running around 'drought shaming' each other, getting mad at farmers, and generally worrying about the wrong things.  Meanwhile environmentalists get an "A" in marketing for eliminating themselves from the discussion.  

Nothing wrong with conserving, but keep your eye on the ball.

California cities show biggest water savings yet in drought  California's drought-stricken cities set a record for water conservation, reducing usage 29 percent in May, according to data released by a state agency Wednesday. Regulators hope the savings will last through summer as California communities are under order to cut water use by 25 percent compared to 2013 levels. Gov. Jerry Brown announced his mandatory conservation order in April. Fenit Nirappil Associated Press

State Reduces Water Use by Nearly 29% In Advance of June Conservation Mandates
As the State continues to experience near-record and record hot conditions, increasing the severity of the drought’s effects on communities, agriculture and the environment, California’s urban water suppliers reported the highest level of conservation achieved to date for the month of May.
The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) announced today that statewide residential water use declined 28.9 percent in May, the steepest since Governor Jerry Brown called on all Californians to conserve water in the face of limited supplies.

Sacramento area conservation hit 40 percent in May  The Sacramento Regional Water Authority, meanwhile, said residents in the area cut their water usage in May by 40 percent. Several individual water agencies in the region told The Sacramento Bee that their June conservation figures were in the same ballpark as their May performance.Dale Kasler in the Sacramento Bee

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