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Do You Support Us?

We don't come to you very often seeking funding, but we do need to do it every now and then.

Sep 09, 2015

If you've been a supporter of Families Protecting the Valley in the past we want to thank you.  It's your support that keeps us going.Hublot Replica Watches  We don't come to you very often seeking funding, but we do need to do it every now and then.  We last asked for your support in 2013 and we've been able to spread our message with your help.  

We now ask for your support again so we can continue to fight back on the false messages of the environmental left who have access to all the major media through their legislators, bureaucrats and organizations.  There aren't a lot of people pushing back against their media campaign.  If you can help us financially there is information at the bottom of this letter to let you know how.  

In the past year there has been a major push by those in favor of more environmental water use to paint ag water use as the major water user in the state.  They continue to say ag uses 80% of the water.Best Replica Watches  I think it's safe to say we were one of the first to push back against this number.  The reason it's important is that if they can convince the people of California that Big Ag uses 80% (they always say 'Big Ag' and not farmers) then they can more easily say Big Ag should give more than they are currently doing.  You will notice that by saying Big Ag uses 80% they are able to take environmental water use completely out of the equation.  Our effort is to get them back into the debate so that people understand environmental water use is 50%.

Not only is environmental water use at 50% statewide, but there is no accountability for its use.  Another of our efforts is to get accountability into the debate, and also how environmental water use impacts humans.  These are concepts that you're seeing in proposed legislation.  

We know legislators, the media and influential groups monitor our newsletter.  Our message is getting to people that matter.  We are getting more and more media calls to get our side of the story.  We don't claim to be winning the water war, don't get us wrong.  But, we don't stand a chance if we don't get the right information out there.  If we let the environmental left control the debate, they will win without a fight.  

There are also many other issues we've addressed since Families Protecting the Valley started our messaging campaign after the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement.  You can check our web page where we've written over 700 newsletters.  We also post news articles about the water situation on a daily basis.  If you want to know what's happening with water all you have to do is go tofamiliesprotectingthevalley.com daily to see news (both good and bad) every day.  We continue to run radio ads on KMJ in Fresno thanks to the generous help of Gar Tootelian.  KNZR in Bakersfield also donates time for us in the South Valley.  If you drive around the Valley you will see our signs.

Our adversaries are the ultra-left, elitist environmentalists.  They are using water as the vehicle to achieve their political agenda.  Part of this agenda is to turn the San Joaquin Valley back to what it was in 1880.  Further, they have no conscience and will not be changed by facts, and are not concerned if the effects of their actions harm the United States or its citizens.  Our goal is to educate the great mass of citizens and their elected representatives who are being misled by the ceaseless propaganda of the environmental ideologues.  

To keep these efforts going, we need your support.  Everything we do and all we've accomplished does cost money, and we hope you agree with us that what we are doing is necessary and vital to our future.  If you agree, please make a donation allowing us to continue. There are two ways to make your generous donations:  

One is by credit card on our websitewww.familiesprotectingthevalley.com and clicking on:


Or by sending your check by mail to:  
Families Protecting the Valley
11409 Road 26 ½
Madera, CA 93637

Supporters donating $500 or more will be recognized on our website and other publicly distributed materials (unless you prefer not to have your name published).

Platinum $10,000
Gold $5,000
Silver $1,000  
Bronze $500

These levels of donations are recognized on our website, but we welcome all donations of any amount and appreciate whatever support you can give.

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