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Drought Tax on Republicans

Because higher reduction goals are harder to meet, penalties for too much water use are mostly (75%) in the Republican districts.

Oct 22, 2015

If the article below is true, the writer has found that the State Water Resources Control Board "has deliberately assigned higher levels of water conservation to water agencies located in districts with seats held by State Senate and Assembly Republican office holders as opposed to agencies in the districts of Democratic office holders."   

What the writer did to discover this was get the Excel spread sheet from the SWRCB and overlay it with a map of California Senate and Assembly districts.  They were then able to determine in which assembly and senate districts the highest water reduction goals were set.  

And that's not all.  Because higher reduction goals are harder to meet, penalties for too much water use are mostly (75%) in the Republican districts.  

Remember, back in April Governor Brown issued the Executive Order mandating a 25% water reduction for residential water use statewide.  Instead of just saying everyone should reduce by 25%, his Executive Order required those that used higher amounts of water to get higher reduction goals.  Some districts had goals of as little as 8% and others as high as 36%.  

The writer found that the higher the reduction goals, the more likely the area was to be Republican.  Now, you might say that it is possible this makes sense.  Maybe Republican districts have bigger houses or geographical location or other factors.  But, they found that the political bias "holds true whether in rural areas, urban or suburban zones, coastal or inland regions, north or south locations, or any number of other qualifiers."

So, in effect, what you have is Republican districts getting higher reduction goals, thus more penalties assessed.  And, there's another shoe to when the state fines the cities for not meeting their goals.  So, you get fined by your city.  Your city puts the money in a pot to pay the state when it gets fined (up to $10,000 per day) for not meeting their goals.  Your money ends up in Sacramento to be used by the Democrat controlled legislature.  Effectively we have a drought tax on Republicans that will end up in the pockets of Democrats.

And they're trying to make you feel good about being a good citizen.  


State Water Board Drought Restrictions Show Political Bias Favoring Governor Brown’s Party
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