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Feinstein Then & Now

Such a water diversion, she said, would have proved devastating to "10,000 small, family farms."

Dec 11, 2015

Dianne Feinstein, October 1994 - expressed her unequivocal opposition to "any effort to take water from Friant Dam for the purpose of restoring a long gone fishery on the San Joaquin River." Such a water diversion, she said, would have proved devastating to "10,000 small, family farms."

Dianne Feinstein, 2009 - Ms. Feinstein's views had reversed: She backed the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act, whose goal was to restore fish to what had been a dry river bed. But not just any fish—specifically, cold-water salmon that hadn't been documented at the site since the 1940s.  Cold-water salmon require "huge volumes of water" to thrive.

Dianne Feinstein, March 2014 in Fresno Bee - "Feinstein broke new ground. Restoration efforts, she said, "have been more difficult and more expensive" than were originally forecast.  It is time, in light of climate change, Feinstein said, to "reassess" the $2 billion plan that would revive salmon runs on the San Joaquin."

Fresno Bee in same editorial - "We're pleased they're (meaning Feinstein and her Democrat colleagues) beginning to see the real world as it exists, instead of the rose-colored world they prefer.  Better late than never."

Senator Feinstein was against it before she was for it, then admitted it was a mistake, but hasn't done anything to correct it.

Despite her support for legislation that has damaged and will continue to damage the east side of our Valley, she continues to get support from this area.  We will wait to see how the people in the Valley who support her feel when our water supply runs out!

Angry California Republicans call drought bill dead for year  Angry California Republicans threw in the towel late Thursday, conceding that a California water bill that had divided the state was dead for the year. In a remarkably acrimonious ending to negotiations that once seemed close to bearing fruit, GOP House members acknowledged the bill’s failure while putting the blame squarely on California’s two Democratic senators, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Fresno Bee


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