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High-Speed Rail or Water?

Californians could get to answer that question if a proposed ballot measure makes it to the November election.

Jan 19, 2016

High-Speed Rail or Water?

High-Speed Rail or Water Storage?  Californians could get to answer that question if a proposed ballot measure makes it to the November election.  And according to a Hoover Institution Poll the majority of Californians would favor this change in priorities.  The poll also found that only 10% of Californians think the state's water storage facilities are more than adequate.  At the same time, support for the bullet train continues to slip.  

According to the poll 53% would vote for the ballot measure, 31% against, and 16% unsure.

Here in the Valley we are at 'ground zero' for both issues.  Due to the federal and state governments pandering to environmental elitists on the water issue, most of us have had zero surface water for the last two years causing immense personal, financial and community hardship.  At the same time, the High-Speed Rail Project continues to destroy the farms of the descendants of Valley pioneers.  One might conclude that the current federal and state politicians and bureaucrats in charge have declared war on the San Joaquin Valley and its citizens.  You can count on these so called 'leaders' to oppose this ballot measure. 


Poll: Californians Want to Ditch High-Speed Rail for Water Storage

A majority of California voters support an upcoming ballot measure that would strip funding from the high-speed rail project and divert it toward new water storage projects, according to a poll released Thursday.

The Hoover Institution Golden State Poll found that 53% of likely California voters would vote for a measure that would reallocate billions of dollars in unspent bond money from high-speed rail to fund the construction of new surface and groundwater storage infrastructure, while 31% would not.


"While voters' overall assessments of the Governor [Jerry Brown] are positive, a 56% majority criticize him for favoring too many big government projects that voters feel the state cannot afford," compared to 32% who say "not at all" and 12% who had "no opinion." "Greater than three in four Republicans (78%) hold this view" compared to 12% who say "not at all" and 10% who had "no opinion," as do 52% of the state's non-partisans," compared to 32% saying "not at all" and 16% with "no opinion." "Even a plurality of Democrats (45%) believes this applies to Brown either a lot or some." The "findings [are taken] from the latest statewide Field Poll completed among 1,003 registered voters in early January."

Field Poll

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