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No Wonder We Never Win

We are again seeing the spectacle of one group of valley representatives attacking another.

Feb 18, 2016

Reference the article on the Valley group opposing the proposed initiative to take money from High Speed Rail and divert it to water infrastructure.  The group’s representatives speaking to the Bee’s editorial Board consisted of the Chairman of the new five county Valley organization (Merced, Madera, Fresno, Kings, and Tulare Counties), two members of the Latino Water Coalition (including a Valley mayor), and the head of the Nisei Farms League.  Certainly, an influential group although the Chairman of the county organization indicated he was not speaking for that organization.
     We find the timing of this effort to be astonishing.  With all the water being wasted going  out of the Delta, Valley legislators and other have been lobbying the Bureau of Reclamation and State agencies to keep the water so the Valley will have surface water in the summer.  The time to act is now!
     Instead, we are again seeing the spectacle of one group of valley representatives attacking another.   Aubrey Bettencourt and her Water 4 All organization are to commended for bringing the water issue to the forefront by juxtaposing the two issues of HSR and water.  Further, we have already reported on all the pitfalls and challenges in even getting the money for the current Water Bond.  Plus, there is no guarantee the water will be made available to the valley at affordable rates.
    We fail to see how this negative attack helps the Valley in its battle for water. 


Valley farmers, others come out against rail-water initiative

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