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Who's the Hog?

Why is it that while 500,000 acre feet are flowing to the sea, we hear more about the 37 acre feet in Bel Air?

Mar 01, 2016

There has been a lot of publicity directed at residential water waste.  People who use too much water in and around their homes are called water hogs.  Residential and business water use in California is about 10% of total water use.  The Governor called for a 25% reduction in this use or a total of 2.5% of all water used in the state.  

Some of these households use up to a million gallons of water a month.  That's about 37 acre feet a year.  Their names are printed in the paper and they are shamed into using less water.  That's all fine.  But there is bigger water waste going on in our state.  

According to the article below, since January 5th "more than 500,000 acre feet of water has been allowed to escape capture and 'waste' to the ocean.  Why is it that while 500,000 acre feet are flowing to the sea, we hear more about the 37 acre feet in Bel Air?  The 500,000 acre feet is enough water to supply a million homes for a year.  No names in the paper.  No shaming.  

The water is wasted because of man-made regulations in the Delta.  Humans made them and humans need to change them.  

When people tell you to look at the bright shiny object over there, the real problem might be the other one over here.  Don't worry about the water hogs in Bel-Air, the real water hogs are the regulators in the Delta.  

Lost water is wasted water
Last June, at the height of California’s drought, theCenter for Investigative Reporting revealed that a homeowner in Bel-Air was using 1,300 gallons of water per hour. Annually, that works out to about 11.8 million gallons – enough water supply for 90 average households.
Reaction was immediate. Water agencies, other homeowners, and the public denounced the waste of water by the unidentified homeowner as careless and irresponsible.
However, the enormous waste of water resulting from state and federal policies dwarf that of this particular homeowner, but receive no scrutiny.

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