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Candidate Wants Ag Support

We would be happy to support a candidate for Mayor of Fresno who would be willing to take the lead on the water issues in our Valley.

Mar 04, 2016

We are pleased to hear that Fresno Mayoral candidate Lee Brand is seeking endorsements and contributiions from the ag community.  According to the article below he did a "meet and greet" with about 35 local agriculture leaders.  All we know from this article is that he took questions for about an hour and asked farmers to deliver on their end.  We don't know what the questions were or his answers.  We do know some of the questions we would like to ask.  

We would be happy to support a candidate for Mayor of Fresno who would be willing to take the lead on the water issues in our Valley.  We have asked for but not received much local leadership.  Fresno has their own problems within the city limits on water for their people.  That's got to be a top priority for the mayor of any city.  But, if a candidate wants ag support they have to get a little more involved than that. 

A candidate for mayor might not think that the Delta pumping issue is something they need to get involved with, but for our support that's one of the issues a leader must address.  Why?  We don't think Fresno can be a healthy city if the ag community around it isn't healthy.  A true Fresno leader must be able to see this.  Although the Mayor isn't directly involved in this issue which is more of a state and federal problem, we here in the Central Valley must live with the consequences of bad policy.  Right now the consequences of current policy are terrible and the policy needs to be changed.  We need a Mayor who understands this and is willing to take on the powers that be to get it solved. 

Same goes for San Joaquin River Restoration policy.  The Restoration Agreement needs to be modified.  If candidates don't understand this issue we would be more than happy to explain it to them.  They need to be ready to apply some much needed heat to Dianne Feinstein to get something done. 

Lastly, whoever is Fresno Mayor has the 'bully pulpit' for the Valley as the leader of the Valley's largest city.  When a major project is proposed for the Valley, the Fresno Mayor should wield a lot of influence in advocating that the project be consistent with rural interests and farming.  Many in rural areas feel the current Mayor has thrown them 'under the train' regarding the High-Speed Rail project.  Rather than urging cooperation with rural interests, she has been a consistent 'cheerleader' showing up at the White House and other venues without ever urging the Project cooperate with her rural neighbors.  

If a candidate would pledge to take on these issues we are sure they would get a lot of ag support.  If not, we will continue to look for someone who will. 

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