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The Frustration Grows!

Some California reservoirs are so full they are forced to release water because of flood control rules.

Mar 29, 2016

It's sad to watch Senator Dianne Feinstein plead with the bureaucrats who work for her to find some wiggle room in the pumping rules to get more water to the Central Valley.  The rules are hers.  She can change them but she won't.  The bureaucrats are following her rules, yet she acts like she can do nothing about it.  

We sit in wonder at how long this act has been playing out.  How can she continue to do it over and over again?  She puts the football down and Charlie Brown keeps trying to kick it again and again.  When will Charlie learn?  We have to think the answer is never.  

Some California reservoirs are so full they are forced to release water because of flood control rules.  Unfortunately, the released water flows through the Delta and out to the ocean because of the pumping rules Senator Feinstein insists can't be changed.  Instead she begs unelected water bureaucrats to bend the rules.  Jim Costa questioned one of the bureaucrats recently and you can watch the smelt vs pumping debate

It's nice that Senator Feinstein and Congressman Costa are asking for increased pumping, but we have to point out that this water has been flowing through the Delta since December and it's now the end of March.  So another year will go by with these requests going nowhere.  Soon it will be too late if it isn't already.  Lucy wins again.  Latest numbers show over 6 million acre feet flowing out to the ocean since mid December.  San Luis Reservoir holds about 2 million acre feet.  It's half full.  It doesn't make sense. 

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