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The Modern Rain Dance

How is it that we have a society with the foresight to build this infrastructure, but won't use it?

Apr 04, 2016

Yes, there is a modern rain dance.  We're all in it whether we like it or not.  The dance starts with a prayer for rain.  Eventually the rain comes and fills the reservoirs.  Because the reservoirs like Shasta and Oroville are there not only for storage, but also for flood control, water has to be released to make room for potential future storms, even if there are no forecasts for future storms, by the way.

In a sane society we would make adjustments to somehow capture this released water when it flows to the Delta.  It is amazing to us that we have infrastructure in place that's been there for decades that would allow us to capture this water.  It is in the form of the state and federal pumps that run the water into the San Luis Reservoir or the California Aqueduct for farms in the Central Valley and cities like Los Angeles and San Diego.

How is it that we have a society with the foresight to build this infrastructure, but won't use it?  Why won't we?  Because we also have a society that has made rules that don't allow it.  They are the rules regarding the Endangered Species Act and the Biological Opinions having to do with the Delta Smelt.  

Unelected bureaucrats have developed regulations about the pumping because of these laws and court rulings that they say won't allow them to pump more water than they're already doing.  Senator Dianne Feinstein and others plead with the bureaucrats to bend or break the rules to give more water to humans.  The bureaucrats say they can't because the rules are the rules and if you want different rules you must change them.  Dianne says you can't change the rules because, well, you just can't.  This goes on and on, over and over again. 

So the bureaucrats keep not pumping, Dianne keeps saying she's working harder than she ever has, and pleading more and more with the bureaucrats, and we keep not getting water.   

Getting back to prayer for a moment.  We highly recommend that you confine your prayers to God.  God has and will answer them.  Don't pray for Dianne to get anything done.  She hasn't in over 20 years.

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