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So, even though we think we're not getting enough water, the NRDC says we're getting too much.

Apr 26, 2016

We all think there's a lot of water being wasted out to sea.  Why can't they pump a little more instead of letting it flow to the ocean?  That's how we think.  But, on the other side, on the NRDC side, they think there's not enough water flowing through the Delta and out to sea.  That's the battle we're always in.  It's a battle, a war.  We're never going to convince them we're right about this, we just have to win the war.  Easier said than done in California.

So, even though we think we're not getting enough water, the NRDC says we're getting too much.  They have filed a lawsuit requiring the EPA to step in to stop the state from pumping too much water south.  The NRDC has "long argued that excessive human demand for Delta water is the primary reason for the ongoing decline in fish populations."

We have long argued that there are a lot of other reasons that some fish don't survive in the Delta.  One of the reasons is the striped bass who, by the way, don't have any problem surviving in the troubled waters.  Just this week an article in the Modesto Bee reported "the current bass population needs about 27,500 tons of food in a year to sustain itself. Of that, about 264 tons is salmon.  That means this predator has the capability of decimating the entire salmon population in any given year."

We reported in a January 2011 newsletter that Delta scientists said there were 40 potential causes for the Delta's decline.  Only one of those is the water flowing through to the sea.  The scientists could not say which of the 40 was the most important.  "We're not in a position now - we may be in a position later - to say it's these three stressors that are causing 90 percent of the problem, or one stressor causing 45 percent of the problem," said Richard Norgaard, chair of the Delta Independent Science Board, a panel of 10 experts established by California's sweeping water reform in 2009.

So, they don't really know why the Delta is in decline and they keep pursuing the same remedy, but it doesn't help.  Maybe it's the striped bass.  Maybe it's the treated sewage from Sacramento's treatment plant.  Or any of the other 40 causes.  But, don't think that will stop the NRDC.  Their full court press for our water will continue until we stop them, if we can.  That's why in a year with all this water we're still only getting minimal allocations to farmers and people of Southern California.

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