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The Journey of Prop 1

They have been working on 'the first set of draft regulations for quantifying public benefits' of the projects.

Jul 12, 2016

The water bureaucrats are still exploring how to spend Prop 1 money.  Remember Prop 1, the Water Bond, was passed by California voters in November of 2014.  It promised $7.5 billion for 'a variety of water projects and programs', with $2.7 billion for water storage.  The water storage programs were always thought to be either raising Shasta Dam, building Sites Reservoir or the construction of Temperance Flat Dam.  

Well, nothings been done yet.  Not too surprising.  The article below will give you excruciating detail about how the process is working, or not working.  You have to be able to read bureaucratese to understand it.  

The California Water Commission is in charge of determining which storage projects will be funded.  Since the passage of the bond and all of last year (2015) they have been working on 'the first set of draft regulations for quantifying public benefits' of the projects.  There was then a 45-day comment period.  

"One of the common themes emerging from the comment letters is to simplify and streamline the process to get state bond funding out the door sooner so projects can be implemented and move forward."  Really.  After a year?  The main comment is to get moving.  We agree.  The article then goes into a discussion of how to move it along faster including removing the peer review process that could save 3 months, and the removal of the preapplication process that could save 5 months.  

All of this is leading up to the adoption of the quantification regulations in October.  Commissioner Orth commented “this schedule is targeting completion of the quantification regulations that we approved earlier this year and put through OAL and are now going through a redraft and the procedural steps to finish them out ideally in October.  Layer on top of that the evaluation regulations.  Am I missing them in the schedule … ?  No.  We think you got it.

Supervising Engineer Jenny Marr clarified it all saying "because we’re heavy into this quantification regulation modification and consideration, we’re really looking at getting a better handle at what those modifications will be to see how that would influence the amount of information that would need to be in a second set of regulations."

Got it?  They're talking about the redraft in November.  That'll be 2 years since Prop 1 passed.  And still no storage in sight.  Read the whole article.  It's even more fun than our newsletter.

California Water Commission: An on the Water Storage Investment Program

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