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Praying to the Wrong Gods

And they are not filled by the lord above, but by bureaucrats who let the water that should have filled them run out to sea.

Aug 17, 2016

This article was written and sent to us by Bill Hammonds.  Bill Hammonds is originally from Firebaugh, California, where his family has been farming since the late 1800’s.  In his business career he has served as a “C” level executive in both publicly held and private companies in San Francisco. 

Further info at https://www.linkedin.com/in/william-hammonds-bb465a43

Praying to the Wrong Gods

I spent all winter praying for rain, and whether or not you think my prayers were answered, or even whether or not you think someone or something is there to answer them, it rained like crazy most of the winter. 120% of average rainfall in the Northern Sierra, all the northern reservoirs full, the system doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing, storing water in above normal years for below normal years.

Except for one little problem, or maybe two: First, I clearly was praying to the wrong Gods, because the reservoirs that are not full are the reservoirs on which the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley and the tech businesses in the Santa Clara Valley need the most in the summer time, and they are not filled by the lord above, but by bureaucrats who let the water that should have filled them run out to sea. The Gods I should have been praying to are the holy Trinity of the SWRCB, the Bureau of Reclamation, and the National Marine Fisheries. The problem is, of course, that although they are extremely powerful, they are not omniscient. And that’s the second problem: they have been managing the water supply according to the holy ure as interpreted by their benefactor and the source of their Gospel, the NRDC, and their strategy for saving the fish species they are trying to protect is so profoundly flawed that few serious independent scientists now support it.

So, consider this: The Gods of the Environmental Movement are in the process of creating a perpetual crisis that they alone are able to solve, if you just send them a little more money and avoid taking a hard look at their results. Sounds a little like every other religious huckster doesn’t it? The Wizard of Oz said, “Do not look at the man behind the curtain!”, these folks say the same thing, do not under any circumstances look at the failure of our solutions. It is like the “dead horse” strategy, it ignores reality and insists that the solution is to beat the dead horse harder, or with a bigger stick. It is a burgeoning catastrophe that their acolytes are now at the controls of every major regulatory agency that deals with the state’s water supply.

So, why in the name of all that’s holy, would anyone want to dismantle the incredibly productive farming businesses in California? How the hell would I know. As we say in a group I work with, “ ‘Why?’ is not a spiritual question”. Look at “what” happens. What is happening is this: the only people in California that are still struggling with a reduced water supply are farmers. I would speculate that the continued drought “crisis” is a direct attack on long standing property and use rights related to water, and a deliberate effort to turn the farmers against each other, something that has been relatively easy to do, in order to make it easier to appropriate those rights to the State, again expanding the power of the State and increasing the power of the bureaucrats and their partners, the NGO’s and the lawyers.
Bureaucracy has two functions, to keep their jobs by providing minimal acceptable service, and to expand their authority. If they need a crisis to do so, then, by God, create one rather than try and solve the problem. The loss of salmon runs and delta smelt is a perfect crisis, because it is caused by a large number of factors: pollution, loss of habitat, predatory species, loss of breeding ground, but it is relatively politically easy to pin the problem on one disorganized group with shrinking political and economic clout. Their running dog partners, the lawyers, also need to create a system so confusing that only they can solve the problems, at your great expense. This system works even better if their chosen solution, decreasing water flows to farmers south of the Delta, doesn’t work, because that virtually insures long term employment and ever increasing power.

So there you have it, a perfect world, governed by Gods you never prayed to, elected or thought you needed.

Does this sound looney to you? It does to me sometimes. So make your own judgment, forget the why, and look at what is actually happening. Agricultural water deliveries are down all across the San Joaquin Valley, cut by 95% on over 2 million acres, thousands of jobs have been lost, billions of tons of food, hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land idled. Water deliveries have been declining for years, and yet the Smelt count is down, Salmon counts are down, they are continually losing habitat, the cities that dump raw sewage in the Sacramento Delta have 6 years to comply with relatively modest pollution standards, striped bass obviously eat those other fish (they’ll eat any fish species they can), yet the goal is to double the number of striped bass in the Delta with no concern of what that might do to native species (smelt and salmon).

Sound like a good idea to you? Better you should worship Baal.

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