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Solving the Smelt Problem

If saving the smelt, the salmon and the Delta are so important, how is it that it's only worth 10 minutes?

Aug 25, 2016

If the State of California was serious about solving the smelt and salmon problem in the Delta, they would look seriously at solutions other than reducing water deliveries to farmers at the pumps.  As we all know, adjusting water pumping over the years hasn't helped the fish populations.  

There are other things that could be done.  One solution would be to reduce the striped bass population.  Striped bass are not endangered.  They eat endangered smelt and endangered salmon.  The daily bag limit for the bass is 2.  Back in 2011 there was a proposal to increase it to 6.  It was rejected by the Department of Fish and Game.  

There was another effort this year to again increase the daily bag limit.  Backers of the plan pulled their petition Tuesday when they were told they would only be allowed 10 minutes to make their presentation.  If saving the smelt, the salmon and the Delta are so important, how is it that it's only worth 10 minutes?  

We are of the opinion that this is a real solution that would help smelt and salmon numbers increase.  Let's think this through:  If striped bass eat endangered salmon; and if striped bass eat endangered smelt; and if there are too few smelt and salmon; and if there are plenty of striped bass; doesn't it make sense to reduce the population of striped bass so we could increase the population of salmon and smelt?  

Where is the flaw in our thinking?


Backers plan to allow Delta anglers to keep more striped bass

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