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Crisis Theory

Never let a crisis go to waste.  That's how the enviros think.

Feb 18, 2017

Never let a crisis go to waste.  That's how the enviros think.  We watch and we wonder how the environmental P.R. machine will spin Oroville into something that allows them to promote their no-growth agenda.  For any rational human being all this water spilling over the sides of everything shows an undisputed need for more storage, but for an environmentalist new storage can't be the answer.  So, what will be the environmental strategy after the Oroville crisis?

The Sierra Club and Friends of the River gave up their strategy in a Sacramento Bee Op-Ed Thursday when they wrote, "In 2014, voters passed a broad water bond. To get the two-thirds vote needed to get the bond through the Legislature onto the ballot, the governor insisted on including $2.7 billion in that bond for water storage. Storage was defined in a way to allow proponents of several dam projects that environmentalists have long opposed to have a shot at some funding.  Now it’s time to reject the new-build proponents and focus on ways to use that bond money to make sure existing dams are safe and provide the storage they promised."

There it is.  Can't build new stuff when we can't even take care of the old stuff.  Shouldn't use the $2.7 billion for new storage projects, instead we should be fixing old ones.  In another Op-Ed in the San Francisco Chronicle Friends of the River writes "California should prioritize funding for existing structures instead of wasting billions of dollars on new dams that provide little more than ribbon-cutting photo ops for politicians. We can’t dam our way to paradise."

The L.A. Times joins in with an editorial saying "politicians and government would much rather build something new than fix what already exists. Like automobiles, dams need to be periodically serviced to stay operational. But unlike autos, you can’t just trade in a dam on a new one."  We wish they would apply the same thinking to transportation.  While our roads are falling apart, The L.A. Times continues to promote the 100 Billion High Speed Rail for the elite and ignore the roads used by millions of Californians.

So the water bureaucrats have dragged their feet for two years since the passage of Prop 1 making sure any dam talk was slow-tracked, now they have their crisis, and now the call is for fixing the old instead of building the new.  

Never let a crisis go to waste.

To avoid catastrophe, don’t build more dams

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