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Brown's Legacy

"California now spends the least percentage of its state budget on infrastructure of any state."

Mar 02, 2017

The standard line coming out of the one-party state of Sacramento is that California is just fine.  The economy's good, the policies are good, our environment is the most protected, our water and air are cleaner because of strict regulations, and it's all because of elite leadership that knows what other parts of the country do not.  We are the enlightened ones.  Don't listen to the rubes in fly-over country.

But Joel Kotkin, a writer with the Orange County Register, points out that "Jerry Brown’s California suffers the nation’s highest housing prices, largest percentage of people in or near poverty of any state and an exodus of middle-income, middle-aged people."  And on top of that "Oroville Dam’s delayed maintenance, coupled with a lack of major new water storage facilities to serve a growing population, reflects a pattern of neglect."

Not just a pattern of neglect, but "once a national and global leader in infrastructure...California now spends the least percentage of its state budget on infrastructure of any state."  

And it's not only poverty and dams.  We are all sorely aware that "California’s roads are among the worst maintained in the country. The Los Angeles area has the worst road conditions of all major metropolitan areas, followed closely by the Bay Area."  Fixing the roads, however, isn't a priority.  High-Speed Rail is.

Kotkin sums up, "Brown’s actions seem rooted in a desire to present himself as the savior of the planet. Yet, while he postures, Brown is leaving a legacy not of salvation, but rather of devastation."

Maybe it's time to buy some asphalt and cement instead of votes.

The true legacy of Gov. Jerry Brown

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