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Another Lucy!

"Is it going to be about the building of dams or is it about looking at other options?"

Jul 11, 2017

We've written a number of newsletters about Dianne Feinstein and how she's like Lucy who pulls the football away at the last minute just when Charlie Brown's about to kick it.  When will Charlie learn?  Same with Central Valley farmers and Dianne.  When will they ever learn?  She always comes for the fundraisers, but always pulls the football away when it's time to get something done about the water situation.  Well, it looks like we have another Lucy. 

Newly elected Senator Kamala came to the Central Valley to visit with ag leaders to discuss a number of farm issues including building more storage.  That's the most important thing for farmers.  “I am here to see and to listen and be part of an ongoing conversation and relationship,” Harris said.  When asked specifically about water storage, Harris answered the question with a question:  "Is it going to be about the building of dams or is it about looking at other options also, looking at other sources of renewable and sustainable and reliable sources of water?" 

Hope we don't have to translate that for you.  It means she'll come to the Valley for fundraisers, but don't believe for a minute she's ever going to support a new dam like Temperance Flat. 

Senator Kamala Harris met with growers while touring Valley fruit packing house

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