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Rollback Propaganda

In case Evan is reading this, these releases are not climate change related, rather, humans are physically releasing water.

Nov 21, 2017

By Wayne Western Jr.

Today the Los Angeles Times posted a story titled, “Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks Hit California Hard, Despite Sacramento’s Resistance.” The contact reporter is Evan Halper. There is hardly anything factual in this propaganda piece. The underlying theme is that President Trump is cutting the EPA and environmental regulations. That is about the only thing Evan has right, and thankfully, that is one thing 63 million people across America voted for a year ago.

He starts off by writing about 50,000 acre-feet of water that “went gushing out of the Sacramento River last month.” He is talking about Central Valley Project (CVP) water. This could be news to Evan, but there are two systems for surface-water supply in California. The State Water Project (SWP), and the federal water project, CVP. Maybe Evan doesn’t realize that Shasta is part of the CVP, and flood releases are necessary from time to time for flood control?

In case Evan is reading this, these releases are not climate change related, rather, humans are physically releasing water. I would encourage Evan to check where Shasta levels must be for this to occur. To his surprise, and unlike under the previous administration, some CVP water is now actually getting captured. Maybe Evan should view this release and capture of water as “Draining the Swamp”?

He also fails to mention the millions of acre feet the State of California chooses to let “gush from the Sacramento River” on a non-stop basis. From October of 2016, to August of 2017, over 52 million acre- feet of freshwater flowed into the Delta. The state of California allowed almost 90% of this water to flow to the ocean and become unusable saltwater, yet he is concerned about 50,000 acre-feet?

Doug Obegi of the NRDC is quoted in the story saying, “This has never happened before.” Doug and Evan seemed surprised and bothered. Unlike the millions of acre feet of water they would rather see go to the ocean without people and California putting it to beneficial use, these 50,000 acre-feet (if that number is even correct) were actually stored for people, crops, and the environment. Doug saying he has never seen this before indicates how successful environmental groups have been at wasting resources to control people, control the economy, and confiscate more tax dollars.

As Evan continues, he covers the normal array of talking points on the results of federal rollbacks. According to Evan, exposure to toxic chemicals has heightened, heavy-polluting vehicles are on the rise, and less vernal pools supplied by federal water will be present in the future. If the NRDC and people like Evan still had their way, Waters Of The U.S. (WOTUS) would be in full force and every puddle would be protected.

Under all the scare tactics and false information in this story, is a hardcore discontent with the management of federally operated ground and infrastructure, inside the State of California. The same management in which they were completely fine under a different administration because of a complete capitulation between the feds and the state, is no longer fine at all. What it most evident is the displeasure of losing control, even if just a little.

Trump's environmental rollbacks hit California hard, despite Sacramento's resistance

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